Monday, March 28, 2016

10 things I include in my “Rainbow Salad”

Rainbow salad helps to cleanse your body, eliminate toxins and brighten your skin. Here are 10 things I always include in my rainbow salad.

1-      Tomatoes

Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory. They reduce heart disease, lower risk of stone formation, lower cholesterol, reduce migraines and prevent cancer. In addition, they purify blood, boost immunity, improve bones and promote healthy skin.

2-      Cucumbers

Cucumbers are full of water, anti-cancer, laxative and Diuretic. They ease heartburn, acid stomach and Ulcers. In addition, they dissolves kidney and bladder stones, kill bad breath causing bacteria, regulate blood pressure and cures headaches.

3-      Capsicums

Capsicums are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. They are good for the eyes, burn calories, maintain a  healthy heart, cure anemia, boost immune system, lower bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and prevent hypertension.

4-      Carrots

Carrots are anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and great for eye health. They improve the skin, digestion, kidney function and liver function. They also reduce incidence of stroke, maintain a healthy heart and promote healthy teeth.

5-      Cabbages

Cabbages are anti-bacterial and viral, anti- cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal. They are rich in iron and sulfur, muscle builder and blood cleanser. In addition, they detoxify stomach and colon, stimulate immune system and strengthen eyes.

6-      Celery

Celery is anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. It calms nerves, aids digestion, relives arthritis, assists with migraines, lower blood pressure, maintains healthy brain, rids kidney and gall stones and prevents calcium deposits.

7-      Cilantro

Cilantro is anti-inflammatory. It rids the body from heavy metals, protects against oxidative stress, lowers anxiety and improves sleep, lower blood sugar levels, prevents urinary tract infections, settles digestive upset, protects against food poisoning, prevents colon cancer and soothes skin irritations.

8-      Spring Onion

Spring onion is anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and great for the eyes. It maintains healthy heart, prevents arthritis and cancer, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce nasal congestion.

9-      Radishes

Radishes are anti-inflammatory. They assist in digestive juice production,  manage many kidney problems, assist with urinary problems, help with weight loss, control blood pressure, dissolve excess mucus, relives sore throats, fight cancer and maintain healthy heart.   

10-  Corn

Corn is abundant in minerals, full of fiber, good energy source, good for the skin and good for the eyes. It prevents anemia, controls diabetes, maintains healthy heart and fights cancer.

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