Sunday, May 29, 2016

5 mistakes you don’t know you are making when applying your makeup!

We all want to achieve this flawless natural look when applying makeup. But sometimes you can make some mistakes that can ruin this look and make our makeup look like fake.

Here are 5 mistakes that you might be making when applying your make and how to avoid them!

Mistake1: You apply your makeup in the wrong lighting

If you are applying your makeup in a dark room or you use unnatural light you will probably discover blending errors once you go to an open door sunny place. 
To avoid this mistake, try to use natural light when applying your makeup instead. Try to apply your makeup near a window, but make sure to look straight into the light instead of letting it hit one angle of your face.

Mistake 2: You wear the wrong foundation shade

If you notice that your face happens to be few shades lighter or darker than your neck in photos, you are probably using the wrong foundation shade.
To avoid this mistake, always try the foundation first on the center of your jawline area along the side of your face. If the shade appears invisible, you have met your match!

Mistake 3: You are over-drawing your eyebrows

Overly drawing your eyebrows make them look unnatural and cartoonish.
To avoid this mistake use a soft brow pencil to add a shape and definition to your eyebrows. But be careful when choosing the brow pencil color.
If you are a brunette, choose a brow pencil that is one to two shade ranges of your hair color. If you have light eyes, pick a darker tone to define, but if you have dark eyes, use a slightly lighter shade.
If you are a blonde, match to the base tone of your hair because the lighter shade will make you look pale and tired.
Finally, if you have black hair, NEVER use a black brow pencil because this will make you look cartoonish and fake, just stick to medium- brown instead.

Mistake 4: You are applying lip liner just to the edges

If you only apply your lip liner to the edges, even if you apply lipstick on top, your lip color will eventually face leaving you with unflattering ring around your mouth.
To avoid this mistake, fill your entire lips with the lip liner.

Mistake 5: You are wearing the wrong nude lip color

Too dark nude lip color will make you look like you are trying to apply brown lipstick and not in a good way. Too light nude lip color will makes you look like a living dead.
To avoid this mistake, if you have a fair or light skintone, try a soft, dusty baby pink or rosy beige nude. If you have a warm medium skintone you can either look for a caramel-toned beige lipstick that is darker than your skin shade or a pinked-tone nude shade that is lighter than your skintone. Finally, if you have dark skintone, pick a nude shade lighter than your skintone to brighten your face and stick to sheer gloss to get a more natural look.

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