Sunday, May 8, 2016

Salmon and Couscous Salad

Health Benefits

-          Salmon is a very good source of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, niacin, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorus, choline, pantothenic, biotin and potassium.

-          Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory. They reduce heart disease, lower risk of stone formation, lower cholesterol, reduce migraines and prevent cancer. In addition, they purify blood, boost immunity, improve bones and promote healthy skin.

-          Cucumbers are full of water, anti-cancer, laxative and Diuretic. They ease heartburn, acid stomach and Ulcers. In addition, they dissolves kidney and bladder stones, kill bad breath causing bacteria, regulate blood pressure and cures headaches.

-          Green Mint is a blood cleanser. It also soothes the digestive tract, eliminates toxins from the body, reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus and helps in curing asthma. In addition, it whitens teeth and combats bad breath and help preventing colon, skin and lung cancer.

-          Lemon helps with weight loss, improves digestion, relieves from constipation and promotes eye care. The benefits of lime also include treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums and urinary disorders.

-          Olive oil is rich in mono-saturated fats which helps protect against Type II diabetes. It helps with weight loss; maintain healthy heart, lower blood pressure, keeps healthy bones and healthy skin. In addition, it helps prevent colon and skin cancer.


·         1 fillet salmon ( 200 gram)

·         2 cups of water

·         ½ cup of couscous

·         ½ cup of diced tomatoes

·         ½ cup of diced cucumber

·         2 Tbsp of sliced fresh green mint leaves

·          2 Tbsp of lemon juice

·         3  tbsp of olive oil

·         Salt and pepper to taste


1.      Boil the water in a saucepot, add some salt then put the couscous. Let the grain swell for 5 minutes then add some olive oil and stir with a fork.

2.      Strain the couscous and pour some water on it then set it aside to cool down.

3.      Season the salmon with olive oil, salt and peeper and give the fillet of salmon a good massage, then put it in the oven 250 °C for about 7 minutes.

4.      Put some of your couscous in a small mixing bowl, and then add the tomatoes, the cucumber, the green mint leaves, some lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Then give the mix a good stir.

5.      Transfer the couscous salad to a shallow dish then the salmon fillet on top.

6.      On top squeeze some lemon juice and add some olive oil

7.      Enjoy!

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