Monday, April 18, 2016

DIY shea butter lotion bar

I have to say that I am a skin care addict. I love to take care of my skin and from time to time I like to make my skin care products at home to insure that they are all natural and they don’t have any questionable ingredients in them.
Most homemade lotion recipes involve quite a few ingredients and are easy to make.
Today I am going to make shea butter lotion bar and all I  need for this lotion bar is only three ingredients.

-          ¼ cup shea butter
-          ¼ almond oil
-          ¼ cup of coconut oil

Skin Benefits
-          Shea Butter: the concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin's natural oils.  
-          Almond Oil: is light in texture and can easily penetrate deep into the skin, softening and dislodging the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles.
-          Coconut oil:  is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions. It is also good for hardened and cracked feet.

1.      Add coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter to a pot.
2.      Stir occasionally until it is fully melted
3.      Remove from heat
4.      Pour in molds and let set until hard
5.      Unmold, and you’re done!


 No more dry skin! 

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