Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to prepare yourself for work after the weekend?

It is easy to understand all those posts about “Hating Monday”. It’s Sunday night and you are already feeling the weekend has slipped away. However, the biggest challenge of Mondays is the prospect of facing down a fresh week of work. Taking some time to prepare for your workweek can make the biggest workload more manageable, and help you succeed all week long.

These 5 tips will help face your week head-on and be productive!

1.        Have some “Me Time”

Weekends are often fill with social activities. However, they are supposed to be relaxing. Try to save a little personal time to relax before the new week begins.

2.        Have a to-do list

Lay out the assignments that you are going to work on that week. With a prioritized list, you'll feel more prepared for the upcoming week.

3.        Don't try to keep the weekend going

Go to bed early on Sunday night and make sure you ready yourself for the week ahead. You don't want to start the week by feeling tired.

4.        Put on something that makes you happy

Whether it is a necklace or a sparkly pair of earrings or a new tie, choose something to wear on Monday that makes you perk up.

5.        Get some exercise

Exercise will naturally boost your mood and has the added benefit of helping you sleep better. Get outdoors, you will feel energized and focused and ready to take on your day.

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